February 21, 2024



Outlying areas of Kwakwani to get electricity for the first time by year end

Technicians of KUI installing electrical poles in the PotsVille community

Kwakwani Utilities Incorporated (KUI) General Manager, David Adams, during his roll out of the expansion to the company’s electricity grid to residents aback of PotsVille, related to INFO 10, that scores of residents located in several outlying areas of Kwakwani, Upper-Berbice District, will now have access to a stable supply of electricity for the first time before the year ends.

The once unlit PotsVille area, was the first to be powered over the weekend. Some 15 households benefitted.

According to Adams, this project roll out forms part of the Government of Guyana socio-economic
development and poverty alleviation objective programme to extend electricity to unserved areas, where extension of
existing distribution networks are deemed to be economically feasible. Other essential services also form part of this programme.
“KUI management is executing the mandate of the PPP/C government to improve the lives of the residents of Kwakwani, in providing sustainable electricity, water distribution and expansion of the Kwakwani Television Station, which now has the capabilities to transmit its signal to far-reaching villages in the Upper-Berbice River,” Adams said.

KUI General Manager David Adams

Andrew Williams, a resident who resides aback of PotsVille for some three years, related to this media house that his perseverance in his quest for electricity for his home, has now bore fruit.

“It came as a surprise to me because the process was so quick; I waited for three years for this day,” Williams posited

Williams felt as though he was being sidelined because of the remoteness of his location.
“I was in a constant battle due to the distance which I live and I must say a high thank you to the manager and staff of KUI,” he affirmed.

As 2021 winds down, households in the outlying areas in the vicinity of Airstrip and Jonestown which have been rapidly expanding over the years, will soon be powered.