January 31, 2023



Aspiring Doctor Akiera Campbell, tops Region 10 at NGSA

Region 10 NGSA top student-Akiera Campbell

An aspiring Doctor, Akiera Campbell of the Watooka Day Primary School, copped the first position for Region 10 in the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA). The results, which were announced today by the Ministry of Education, affirmed that Campbell secured 518 marks, which has secured her a spot at Queen’s College. The overjoyed Campbell, said she kept focus throughout her NGSA journey, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. She did expect to secure a spot at QC, but not to top the region. “Right now I am experiencing adrenalin rush, I always performed well at school but I had to stay focus and not get distracted,” the top performer said.

As a result of school closure during the pandemic, Akiera had to transition from face-to-face learning to having classes on zoom and this she said was a challenge, since she did not benefit from one-on-one interaction with her teachers. Her teacher, Melissa Blair who played a pivotal role in her performance ,said Akiera was a child who always took up the challenge and she is happy that she made the school and her parents proud. “I am overwhelmed, I’m happy for her and everything she would have achieved.” The Grade Six teacher said teaching remotely was difficult, particularly dealing with internet connectivity issues, but she pulled through to the end to ensure her students derived success.

Teacher- Melissa Blair

Akila’s mother, Andrea Campbell, said her daughter has made her extremely proud and she encouraged her throughout the preparation period, to not get side tracked with all the negativity brought on by the pandemic. “I told her not to get sidetracked from her expected goal, throughout it all, I would encourage her to work, keep working all the time and I saw that she was working so I am excited, I am elated and I am proud,” she said.