July 13, 2024



One Mile Health Centre nurses arrested for selling vaccine books

the One Mile Health Centre

Police are investigating the selling of COVID-19 vaccination books in Linden and up to the time this report was published, two nurses attached to the One Mile Health Centre (names provided), were in police custody. The nurses were picked up on Friday afternoon following a sting operation by the Regional Health Department and the Region 10 Police Division.

Regional officials confirmed to INFO 10 that one of the nurses allegedly confessed to selling the books and that other nurses are implicated. According to a reliable source within the Regional Democratic Council, officials were acting on information for weeks and efforts were made several times to warn the nurses about their actions, but they continue to sell the books.

Nurses attached to the Linden Hospital Complex vaccination site have also been implicated. The source told INFO 10 that several persons that purchased the books, their information is not in the regional data base, but they are in possession of books. Books were being sold for as much as $35,000. INFO 10 understands that persons who purchased books will also be implicated, as the investigation continues.

Region 10 vaccination rate is currently at about 30 percent, which is one of the lowest percentage in the country. The selling of vaccination books became popular following the government’s policy that persons must be vaccinated before entering public buildings and that all government workers must be vaccinated. Persons caught selling vaccination books can face up to three years imprisonment.