January 31, 2023



Councillor Callender’s passing has left a huge void in our politics- Regional Chairman

the late Councillor Gordon Callender

As residents of Region 10 mourn the passing of Regional Democratic Councillor Gordon Callender, Regional Chairman Deron Adams, said his passing has left a huge void in the region’s politics and the RDC will not be the same without him. Callender served as councillor at both the RDC and the Linden Mayor and Town Council for many years. At the time of his passing, he was the Chairman of the Regional Health Committee. He was also a long standing member of the People’s National Congress Reform. “The loss of Councillor Gordon Callender, will be felt by many across the region. We will continue to celebrate his personality, his contribution and of course the memory he has with the life that he lived,” Adams said in an invited comment.

On Friday as news spread about Callender’s passing, tributes poured on social media from persons in the political arena. Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira said, “Region Ten, Linden and the PNCR have lost a titan and a stalwart. This morning I heard the dreaded news of the passing of one of our friend, brother and comrade. I was in shock for it was a mere two days ago we spoke. Comrade Gordon “bad heart” Calendar was a special human being. Gordon Calendar aka “bad heart” was no academic but possessed much wisdom and intellect, no great speaker but he was an excellent communicator, he was no comedian but knew how to make you laugh. What he was, was a man who loved people, children and serving others, he was a pillar who made up the face of the PNCR in Linden and Region Ten. He represented the people, he served his people and party, he was a friend, brother, comrade, a true PNCR party man.”

Only Thursday, Callender attended the RDC’s January statutory meeting and was in good spirits as he usually was in. He was jovial and vocal throughout the session. Councillor Mark Goring said, “Yesterday at Statutory after we did a one-minute silence for Ms. Bristol (Regional Chairman’s secretary), it was your hope that we don’t lose anyone else from our council, you hold down the crowd with jokes at lunch, I didn’t know when I pulled my chair and sit next to you so we could whisper smack during meeting, it was the last brother, you leave your buddy with tears Bad Heart.”

The Region 10 RDC lost three councillors since its installation in September 2020. Regional Vice Chairman Douglas Gittens and Councillor Gem Narine also passed away last year.