September 26, 2023



New Fast-Food Restaurant established in Amelia’s Ward

The new At Tayyib fast-food restaurant at Empire Drive, Amelia’s Ward

The community of Amelia’s Ward continues to see economic and social expansion, thus transforming it into its own business hub. Investors continue to flock the community, deeming it one with great potential for business advancement. One of the latest investors that set up shop in Amelia’s Ward – one of the largest communities in Guyana and the Caribbean, is Shazad and Nafeeza Aleem, Proprietors of At Tayyib Fast Food Establishment. The Linden branch is managed by their son, Abdulla Aleem. At Tayyib is located in Empire Drive – a budding community, which has recently become home to other investments.

 Aleem related to INFO 10, that this is the third branch; the other two branches are located Essequibo. The family members decided to move to Linden because they see there was limited fast- food choices of high quality and reliability, with a plethora of food options to choose from. He does not see it as a disadvantage establishing in a budding community, rather than in the business arena, that is easily accessible, but confidently said, where reliable service, variety and good food are available, persons will go after it. “It’s proper fast-food in Amelia’s Ward, something reliable where people can go every day, where people know they can get good service,” he said.

When asked the reason behind choosing Linden as the next branch location, Aleem said Linden is pregnant with opportunities for investment but investors have to sift out what is unique, special and beneficial to the people. Already, seven Lindeners have been employed at the restaurant. Some of the foods available include fried chicken, French fries, burgers, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, desserts, amongst others. Soon, At Tayyib will offer drive through and delivery services.