March 5, 2024



Verification of cricket clubs in Region 10 necessary

Dear Mr. Ramkarran

I write to you in my capacity as the APNU+AFC Opposition Shadow Minister of Culture Youth And Sport.

I am in receipt of information regarding the register of cricket clubs submitted to you from the township of Linden and surrounding areas within Region 10.

I have serious reservations and concerns regarding the veracity of the register submitted to you. As you are aware I am the sitting Member of Parliament for the APNU+AFC Coalition for the region. This is my second term serving in such capacity having previously served in the 11th Parliament.

My work as Member of Parliament for the past 5+ years along with my social and political work has taken me to all parts of the township and  region on a regular basis. I am also very actively involved in promoting sports development within the region.

I am unaware that there is a plethora of the existence of active cricket clubs as per the submitted register and I urge you to visit the region on a fact-finding mission to determine the status of cricket within the region and whether the clubs submitted in name in fact exist or are active and functional.

I wish to convey Sir, that I am unaware of any structured cricket league existing in the region or of any competitions being played in any form within either the township or region.

Further Sir, I wish to express my concerns to you regarding the actions of the substantive Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Mr. Charles Ramson.Jr in this alleged collision with the incumbent President of Cricket West Indies, Mr. Ricky Skerritt in holding a secret meeting in an effort to attend to the affairs of the Guyana Cricket Board.
A matter Sir, in which a formal complaint was made to the ethics committee of CWI.
This action I deem to be disingenuous, mischievous and appears to be geared towards allowing a clear and undue advantage to Mr. Skerritt in the upcoming CWI Presidential election also being contested by a candidate from Guyana.
Quite frankly Sir, its unpatriotic and unbecoming of a serving Minister of this country.

I implore you Sir, to carefully consider these matters with regard to any decision you may be required to make in your capacity as the Cricket Ombudsman.

Yours respectfully,
Hon. Jermaine Figueira MP