July 19, 2024



Uncaring Matron must go

Dear Editor,

This is a concerned nurse attached to the Linden Hospital Complex. I am writing to inform you and to bring awareness to the public about the uncaring behavior of the Ministry of Health and also the acting Matron of the Linden Hospital Complex. We are all aware of the issue that is affecting us at this current moment as it relates to the recent statement put out to the public by the CEO of the Linden Hospital Complex. Such statement since then, has caused disrespect to nurses country wide.

Sad to say, but since then the acting Matron of the Linden Hospital Complex, Annette Jones, who is suppose to be the leader for us nurses, has not spoken to us yet on this issue and this is day 11 since we have been out here sacrificing day and night to fight for our rights.

No words of encouragement or so to show some form of solidarity. She’s even passing us daily at the protest site without saying anything to us as it relates to the matter. Today myself and some other nurses simply asked her secretary to schedule a meeting with us because we need to know what is it she is doing to support us in a crises like this and she refused to have a meeting with us. She said “she’s unavailable to speak to us”.

Personally I believe she’s very much uncaring for the position which she holds and not fit to be called Matron…she is supposed to be representing us at all cost…To be exact, she’s not even qualified for the position because she is not a holder of a degree in Nursing, which is one of the few qualifications to be a Matron. She is not representing us in any form and our wish is for her to also be removed as Acting Matron of the Linden Hospital Complex. It appears as if she is in support of the CEO’s actions.

Adding to this, Article 141 of the Constitution of Guyana, speaks about the rights of the employees to strike. Our democratic right is being manipulated by the uncaring Ministry of Health, since they are demanding that we go back to work with a disrespectful CEO. Our character has already been defamed by the CEO and we the nurses refuse to go on as if all is well.
According to www.ismp.org, disrespectful behavior chills communication, under cuts individual contributions to care, undermines staff morals, increase staff resignation and absenteeism, creates an unhealthy or hostile work environment, causing some to abandon their profession and ultimately harm patients. With this in mind, we cannot work comfortably under the above mentioned individuals(Now acting Matron and CEO).

We are therefore calling on the relevant authorities to address this matter at an early time possible, since we as nurses who care for our patients would like to return to work to provide our humane service. We all know that this is a pandemic and nurses have been working beyond the call of duty with and without the necessary resources and have not yet been recognised since then, but instead we are being disrespected, so we are therefore demanding our respect from the relevant authorities and the public.

Yours Respectfully

Concerned Nurse