March 20, 2023



KUI new GM seeks to improve standard of living of Kwakwani residents

      Newly appointed General Manager of the Kwakwani Utilities Incorporated (KUI) David Adams, is on a mission to improve the standard of living of residents of the Upper-Berbice community of Kwakwani. Through a series of developmental strategies, it is expected that portable water distribution will be boosted, the communication network would be modernised and the electricity grid in the community will be expanded to meet the needs of the growing population.

KUI new GM David Adama

Since his predecessor, Leslie Sobers would have made significant strides to meet these achievements, Adams posited that he will continue the work of his predecessor, but to focus on the several weak links within the company.

“Despite improved delivery in recent years, it is also clear that there are several areas of KUI that need to be strengthened,” Adams told INFO 10.

  On Monday, the new GM held his first Heads of Department meeting, where he would have outlined his vision and three strategic pillars and priorities of the company. “Every employee in our company will be focusing on assurance, net-zero and efficiency investment,” Adams said.

  He said as a GM for a community-based company, his aim is not only to manage the 83 staff but to meet the demands of the community by being transparent and inclusive. “As we move forward in 2021-2025, we would like to work in collaboration with the residents of the community. We will continue to invest in our operating system; our service operation, which allows and provides our residents with granular insight into our business operations and enhances our customer experiences.”

GM Adams meeting with Heads of Department

No witch hunting

 As customary, with the change in Government and the installation of a new GM and Board of Directors, staff would express anxiety on their fate in the company’s employ.

Adams assured that he would not be witch-hunting and will be observing all labour laws if the need arises to relieve an employee of his/her duties

” Employees should not feel threatened of losing their jobs, but should be happy that there is a Board of Directors to take their problems too.”

He however has a zero-tolerance policy against non-productiveness, corruption and pilferage.