December 1, 2023



Kwakwani Utilities Inc. celebrates its 15th anniversary

By Solomon McGarrell

   Kwakwani Utilities Incorporated  (KUI), hosted a simple ceremony on Thursday in observance of its 15th anniversary.

     Newly appointed General Manager of the company David Adams, explained that there are a lot of opportunities available for employees to gain personal development.

“The government has already indicated that there will be 20,000 online scholarships and when I look around at KUI, what I see is very young hard-working employees and I would like our employees to take advantage of this and tap into these online scholarships through KUI,” David Adams, the GM implored in his feature address to the staff.

Adams also revealed that KUI will be working collaboratively with the Board of Industrial Training (BIT), in rolling out industrial training programmes.

  He also took the opportunity to acknowledge the  employees for their hard work and dedication over the years.”Because of you my employees, we are able to stand here to celebrate 15 years. This company values each and every one of you; you are our most valuable resources and I thank you for your dedicated services,” Adams said.

     Annie Ramnarine, Chief Accountant Officer of Hinterland Electrification Company Inc., who was present, also acknowledged the staff of KUI for their hard work but directed special congratulations to the employees who have been there from day one. “A special thank you for the dedicated service that you have provided so far and we wish that you continue the good work that you have been doing,” Ramnarine encouraged.

     15-year-old employees are Ann Gilkes, Ann Gordon, Roxanne Rodriguez, Carlton Drakes, Milestone Rozario, Eton Williams, Trevor Johnson and Vincent Gonsalves.

KUI employees

     When the employees were invited to take the floor and share their experiences over the years at the company, everyone was enthusiastic to relate their positive experiences.

Vincent Gonsalves, who has been with the company from day one said, “as an electrician at the start of the company, there was no transportation, I use to ride with a ladder on my shoulder to every location to get the job done,” Gonsalves recounted.

  24-year-old Shemar Ferguson, a Carpenter Helper, who has been employed with KUI for one year and four months, expressed how gratifying it is to be a part of the team. “I would like to thank KUI for creating a job for me so I won’t have to go beg and I would like you to create some more jobs for other young people in the community. This is the first company I ever work with and this company has made me somebody and I want to thank you,” Ferguson said.

   Adams in his closing remarks said, “while we are thrilled about what we’ve accomplished over the last 15 years, we are equally excited about where we are heading. We are innovating our service offerings and service delivery capabilities, to deliver the very best service experience to the residents today, tomorrow and the future.”