March 5, 2024



Family of 11 loses home to fire for a second time

The house that was destroyed by fire

A family of limited means are now homeless, after a fire suspected to be of electrical origin, completely destroyed their home on Sunday afternoon. What is more unfortunate, is that this is the second time the family’s home was destroyed by fire. Eleven persons resided at the one-story, three bedroom, concrete home; eight of whom are children. It is located in Dageraad Avenue, Mackenzie, Linden.

INFO 10 understands that the children were home, some of whom attend high school and were smelling something smoking. When one of the adults came home, they tried to investigate where the smell was coming from and realised it was coming from the back bedroom. The room was locked and was already heavily engulfed, hence the family sought to escape from the blaze.

They were unable to save anything.

The fire service was summoned and efforts to quench the fire proved futile.

A distraught family member said, “I am a single parent of three kids, my aunty does get it hard, I does get it hard, we both live together. All of us is Kalibur worker (security guards). Neighbours does assist we in any way they can but it is hard to face this tragedy at this appointed time, oh God oh.”

This is the second home in Linden that was destroyed by fire within the last month.