January 31, 2023



RDC 10 signs $460 M in contracts

-Home Safe Security retrieves Security Contract

-Contract sign for construction of Hururu Nursery School

General Manager of N&S General Engineering and Contracting Services poses with REO Dwight John after signing the three contracts

The Regional Democratic Council (RDC), Region 10, on Tuesday, signed four contracts to two contractors. The signing was completed in the office of the Regional Executive Officer, Dwight John. The contracts were awarded at the level of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB).
Home Safe Security and Domestic Services was awarded the RDC’s security contract, to the tune of $389 M. Signing the contract was General Manager of the company Robert Johnson. The current contractor, Kalibur Security, will complete its services on May 31st, 2021.
Johnson assured current employees of Kalibur, that their jobs are not in jeopardy and that systems are in place for a smooth transition. Johnson said he will also be working closely with the RDC to ensure timely payment, so that workers in turn, will be paid on time.
REO John told the media that the RDC will also monitor the working conditions the employees will be faced with. “Rest assured, that the persons employed at the moment, their jobs are secured. Secondly, we will be employing checkers to check to see that all our facilities have security when they suppose to be there and we will also be working with the accounts department to ensure that there will be prompt payment on a monthly basis,” John said. GM Johnson also assured that employees will not be paid below the minimum wage and they will receive all benefits. The Firm is expected to provide security services to all government buildings in Region 10 and all buildings and facilities that the RDC is the custodian of.
In addition to the security contract, the RDC also inked three contracts to N$S General Engineering and Contracting Services. These contracts were also awarded at the level of NPTAB. The three contracts are – Extension of the 47 Miles Health Centre to the tune of $14 M, construction of Hururu Nursery School to the tune of $38. M and construction of Teacher’s Quarters at Wiruni to the tune of $18 M.
General Manager of the company Shazad Sattaur, assured that workers will be sourced from the communities where the projects will be executed. He said materials for the projects such as farm board and concrete blocks, will also be sourced in Region 10.

REO John looks on as General Manager of Home Safe Security Robert Johnson signs the security contract

In addition to these three contracts that were signed on Tuesday, for 2021, the Regional Tender Board has awarded 26 contracts to the tune of $168 M. Rehabilitation to streets awarded include First Street Rainbow City, Oronoque Drive Retrieve, Ituni internal access road, Yuriballi Street, Retrieve; Pine Street Nursery School entrance; Industrial Area Mackenzie; Access Road Block 22, Access Road Silvertown, amongst others.
Under the education programme, contracts awarded include repairs to the Teacher’s Quarters Aroaima, repairs and maintenance of the Calcuni Primary School, the Blue Berry Hill Nursery School, Canvas City Nursery School, Christianburg Wismar Secondary School, Regma Primary School amongst others.
Under Health, contracts for the repairs and maintenance of the Kimbia Health Centre, the Coomacka Health Centre and 58 Miles Health Centre have been awarded.
Under agriculture, the contract for the upgrading of the farm to market road in West Watooka has been awarded.