December 11, 2023



Kara Kara woman allegedly murdered by mentally-ill son

Police are investigating the alleged murder of a resident of Kara Kara, Mackenzie Linden. The woman has been identified as Wonda Wilson. Wilson lived alone with her mentally ill son. She too was said to be mentally ill.

According to a friend of the family, he was sent by her brother, who lives overseas, to check on Wilson, since the two mentally ill persons lived alone. The friend told INFO 10, that when he went to the house on Tuesday evening, the son met him at the door but was not allowing him in. “I then ask he where he mother, he said he mother resting. I said well call your mother for me and he said he can’t call her because she resting, she does work security work and she got to rest. So I decided to go to the police station because when I peep in the house, you won’t believe people living there,” he related to INFO 10.

The friend then returned to the house with the Police Officers, who were again greeted by the son at the door. He reportedly told them his mother was resting as well. The friend said he told the son to take the officer to see his mother. The officer returned and said, ‘is a dead woman in deh.”

The friend said when he ventured into the room, a door was on top of the woman and she was lying in the bed. There were some blood stains on the bed. “If you see this house, TV break up, microwave break up, plate, glass, you won’t believe people living in deh. I don’t know if they had a fight or something,” the friend related.

Investigation is ongoing