September 26, 2023



Garbage collection in Linden halted

A bin that is overflowing in Amelia’s Ward

The Linden Mayor and Town Council (LMTC), and the private garbage collection company Cevons Waste Management Inc, are currently not collecting garbage from residential areas, because the road leading to the Kara Kara dumpsite is currently impassable. Hundreds of residents are affected by this, since bins are now overflowing and there is no where to dump the garbage. As a result of persistent rain fall, lighting back yard fires, (which is not recommended), is also difficult to do at this time.

Residents are bemoaning the situation, because it is not only an eye soar, but an environmental hazard. “Them bins so full, they can’t even close and them dogs dragging the garbage all over the community, baby pampers all kind thing and because it raining, the place smelling bad,” one resident of Lover’s Lane, Amelia’s Ward said. In a notice, Cevons Waste apologized for the inconvenience the halt in garbage collection would have caused customers, but explained that the situation is beyond its control, given the state of the road.

Linden Mayor, Waneka Arrindell confirmed that the road is currently impassable and the council would have made a decision to temporary close the area leading to the dump site and the Kara Kara Blue Lake, for at least two weeks to facilitate repairs. She said the only vehicle that can traverse the area is the council’s tractor and that vehicle only has the capacity to collect garbage from the main roads and the central locations.

Arrindell related that the council was given approval by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, to utilise the Dakoura dumpsite, until works are completed on the Kara Kara dumpsite road. “So we have started working on the relocation site, and that should be ready within two days and garbage collection will resume immediately,” she said.