December 2, 2023



Linden woman critical following severe beating from partner with wood

-Relatives claim he attacked out of provocation, also was a victim of physical abuse

A security guard, 31, of Block 22, Wismar Linden is in a critical condition, following a severe beating to her head with a wood by her partner. She suffered a fractured skull and a broken left arm.

According to the victim’s 14-year-old son, on Tuesday about 17:00 hours, the victim and suspect came home from work together and they went to the eastern side of the house and began talking. He then saw the suspect go into the house and then went back outside and he then heard the victim speaking in a loud tone but could not hear exactly what she was saying because his computer speakers were on.

He suddenly heard the victim scream and he rushed out to the side of the house where he saw the victim laying face down motionless with the suspect stooping over her with a piece of wood lashing to the back of her head. On seeing that, he ran inside the house, grabbed a cutlass and returned to the suspect who threw a longer wood at him, then ran into a gulley area.

The victim’s uncle and nephew were alerted and they went behind the suspect along with other public-spirited persons during which he was caught and assaulted before being handed over to the police.

The victim was escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex where she was seen by the doctor on duty who admitted her a patient in a critical condition suffering from a fractured skull and a broken left arm.

The suspect was escorted for medical attention where he was also seen by a doctor on duty who also admitted him as a patient under police guard.

Investigations continue.