April 15, 2024



Amelia’s Ward woman recorded as fifth COVID-19 death for Region 10

  • Central Amelia’s Ward deemed the epicenter of COVID-19 for Linden
  • Region 10 has 79 active cases

Health officials in Region 10 have confirmed that a 31-year-old woman of Amelia’s Ward is the region’s latest COVID-19 death. She passed away at a medical institution in the region last week after experiencing severe COVID-19 related symptoms. The test was conducted on her before she died, but the results were only available on Sunday. She was a medical student at Texila University.

Regional Health Officer (RH0) Dr. Gregory Harris, related that Central Amelia’s Ward is now the epicenter of the deadly virus in Region 10, with most of the active cases coming from the community. “Within Linden, Central Amelia’s Ward is the hot spot at the moment, so we are planning a fan out exercise and a mass distribution in Central Amelia’s Ward,” Harris said. In addition most of the cases in the region are from Linden. The community of Rock Stone has also raked in some cases over the past week. Region 10 now has 79 active cases.

Dr. Harris also related that the region has now increased its testing capacity which resulted in a huge increase in positive cases. “We would have increased our testing capacity, when I took over in September, we use to be doing 20 to 30 samples per week, now we are doing almost 200 samples per week,” Harris said. Increase in testing has discovered that the positivity rate in Region 10 is very high, as many persons that tested positive are asymptomatic. Many persons he said are also volunteering to be tested.

The RHO continues to express concern that the residents of Region 10 are not working along with the Health Officials to keep the positive rate in the region low. Persons are not wearing their masks correctly and are not practicing social distancing, particularly in social settings.