March 31, 2023



Security Guards severely affected by increased car fare

Dear Editor,

I am calling on the relevant authority to look into the issue with the increased fares from short drop cars plying the Mackenzie and Wismar route. I am a security officer employed at a prominent business on the Wismar Shore. I am a resident of Amelia’s Ward and a single mother of four. This job is very important to me because it helps me to take care of my family. As a result of the pandemic, I was home for several months but the business recently reopened and I was rehired. For the months I was home, it was very difficult for me to provide for my children so I was very happy when I was called back. My biggest challenge at the moment, is paying $800, 000 per day to get to work. This adds up to $19, 200 per month on transportation alone. This is more than half of my salary. I feel like no one is coming to the aid of those travelling daily with the cars, to make the necessary representation for us. I feel like no one cares what we are going through. During this pandemic, it is as if the drivers are profiting, while the passengers are suffering. I am sure many of them would want this pandemic to last forever. We know that they are carrying less on a trip but I believe if they increase the fare to $140.00, both parties can benefit. This is very hard for persons who have to travel everyday and have no other choice. Some days I have to walk a long distance from my work place to the boat landing, because I cannot afford to catch the car. I am hoping that this letter reaches the relevant authorities and they can make some form of representation for not only security guards but all those suffering from this fare hike


Claire Bovell