January 31, 2023



‘Brush N Pour’ – a one of a kind entertainment company

By Naomi Marshall

Managing Director of ‘Brush N Pour’ Taneila Croal

When you think of fun and relaxation, think of ‘Brush N Pour’ – Guyana’s first arts and entertainment company that provides paint and sip services for all Guyanese.

According to Managing Director of Brush N Pour, Taneila Croal, sip and paint “is the new yoga” that allows people to create, sip and socialize all at once, thereby giving a twist to how recreational time is spent in Guyana.

“We are creating a different atmosphere from the Guyanese regular drinks night out, by adding a splash of paint and laughter,” Croal told INFO 10.

With the aim of making one’s sip and paint experience memorable, Brush N Pour provides services for birthday celebrations, girls night out, dates, company retreats, cooperate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, among others.

There is no limit to how many persons can take part in this activity and actually knowing how to paint is not a requirement since painting guides are provided every step of the way.

The company also sells painting materials, and offers individual sip and paint kits; couple’s sip and paint kits and even family size sip and paint kits that include all paint supplies, wine and free wine glasses.

The 27-year-old Lindener said sip and paint is an ideal activity to relive stress and anxiety during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“I know a lot of persons are home and catching COVID-19 blues, around the house bored and need of something classy and exciting to do. I believe sip and paint activities at home with friends and family will be the ideal way to receive positive energies, peace and hope to our lives,” she said.

Apart from Brush N Pour, the mother of one is a secondary school teacher, a profession that she enjoys dearly.

Croal is also a hairstylist and owns her own salon called Neila’s Beautie Empire, where braiding, wig-making, wig installation, crotchet, perming, relaxing and pressing are done among services.

Croal related that growing up she always had a love for doing business.

“When I was 6 years old in grade one, I remembered selling sweets and gums in a small container to my classmates. Hereafter, I kept blossoming into the steady entrepreneur I am to,” the Lindener recalled.

She noted that being an entrepreneur is not easy. However, her drive for business is extraordinary and has been fueled by her desire to become a successful entrepreneur.

Croal told INFO 10 that her entrepreneurial goal is to create a community of individuals who seek to solve problems, network professionally, and collaborate on projects and make Guyana and the world at large a better place.

In the future, the young woman plans to provide sip and paint to all parts of Guyana and even the Caribbean, while making the activity a norm. She would also want to expand her business by having multiple outlets around Guyana and the Caribbean to better serve the people.

To persons with an entrepreneurial vision, Croal said, “you are what it takes to make it manifest. So go for it, all it requires is a start. Never quit on you! You are all you got, so do the best you can.”

She added: “Be professional, humble, and open to new ideas. Entrepreneurship involves failing but being resilient and passionate about what you want to create. You have to love it.”

Brush N Pour can be contacted on Facebook at Brush N Pour; on Instagram at brush_n_pour; Brushnpour@simplesite.com, or on cell phone number 592-613-1818.