March 5, 2024



Lennox Gasper is a political opportunist

Dear Editor,

I have read Mr. Gasper’s statement and I’m not surprised.
Mr Gasper presents himself as a political opportunist, whose political aspirations he envisioned did not materialise.
Mr. Gasper had made it known, that in 2016 when he joined the PNC-R, the said party he is today berating provided him the opportunity to become a candidate in the said year for local government elections.

His statement is baseless and not rooted in facts. The same coalition he claims did nothing for Linden received the largest support in the history of elections from Lindeners.
His paid political pen for the PPP is clear for all to see.
Mr. Gasper attempt in this fallacious statement is him trying to impress his new political bosses as if he is an influencer with much political capital and influence in Linden. Hence him sending this statement to all media outlets asking them to broadcast it for him.
He, Gasper was silent when countless Guyanese public servants were fired, silent when all the young people in Linden were fired from NDMA, he was silent when all the staffers at the Linden ambulance services were fired, silent when our nurses and frontline workers were insulted and disrespected, silent when a minister of the government abused a female opposition MP.
Mr. Gasper is an enemy of the cause who is asking the people to support our oppressor, his boss.
This brother is confused and his blinded by his own selfishness.
PNCR Region Ten
Jermaine Figueira.