February 21, 2024



Victory Valley Farmer died from hypotension and gastritis

A post mortem that was performed on Victory Valley farmer Samuel De Souza, of Victory Valley Linden, by Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh, discovered that he died from hypotension and gastritis. Dr Nehaul Singh explained that the internal bleeding was caused by frequent movement of the deceased which led to the hypotension. He also added that this was also caused by the deceased’s smoking and consuming alcohol which was found in his stomach.
Family members are however calling on the Police to not rule out homicide and to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. Up to the time this report was published, two women remained in police custody assisting with the investigation.

His brother, Jacob De Souza, told INFO 10 that a thorough investigation needs to be executed because it could be several factors that caused hypotension. “What we know that they had a physical altercation, many persons know that, many things could have affected his pressure, it could be provocation and all these things. He could have been lashed somewhere about his body, like his foot for belly and caused his pressure to raise, so I am calling for a thorough investigation,” he said.

The Police on arrival at the scene observed that the deceased was lying on his back in the track in front of his home, a wooden-handle spear was observed resting on the deceased body with what appeared to be blood. Three knives and a screw driver were found in the deceased pants waist. His mouth and right ear had what appeared to be blood oozing from same. There were superficial bruises seen on the exposed parts of his body.

Police investigations reveal that the deceased who lived alone at the said address, had an altercation with a female who, along with her daughter confronted the victim. He subsequently ran away through the track leading to his home but some thirty minutes afterwards, two unidentified males came out the said track and told the woman and her daughter that the victim was dead.