December 11, 2023



“I had to put an end to it”

-says Linden man who burnt and beat partner and sister

Ragin Allen

In a live video recorded on Facebook, before he turned himself in at the Mackenzie Police Station, Ragin Allen, also known as Mutaaz Allen, said that his actions were as a result of provocation, following years of putting up with is children mother’s behavior. Allen allegedly burnt his children mother’s sister 18-year-old Anita Sunita with a mug of boiling water before beating her with a piece of wood to her head and lashing his children’s mother 21-year-old Teekadai Singh of Lower Kara Kara, Mackenzie, to her foot, after he could not gain access to the her phone. The two do not live together, but are parents to three children.

Enquiries disclosed that on the day in question, the two victims were at the perpetrator’s home when an argument erupted over the woman’s cellphone.

When he did not succeed in having her input the password to open the phone, he armed himself with a mug of hot boiling water and threw it on Sunita, who was defending her sister, causing her to receive second degree burns to her right side face. He then armed himself with a piece of wood from the yard and dealt her a blow to her head causing her to receive injuries. She is presently at the Linden Hospital Complex nursing burns to face and lacerations to head

He then picked up a three inch block and dealt the children mother, a lash to her lower right leg which caused her leg to be broken. She received further lashes about her body and head before he made good his escape, leaving the two victims lying in the yard covered with blood about their bodies. She is nursing a broken leg and lacerations to the face and head.

Allen said, “I did’nt want do it you know, you know is years upon years of sacrifice and she partying, me in want kill she……suicide is not the way.” He said he makes sacrifices for his three children and have not been shown any appreciation, but rather had to keep forgiving his spouse and taking her back into the home for the sake of the children. “Me chiren is the most important thing to me, I does climb coconut tree, I does fish and buy and sell greens, construction work, gas station work and al yah want do is party . All the party you going to, I got to beg you to come and see your children, literally beg she to come and see she children. I had to put an end because I fed up,” he said.

Earlier Tuesday morning about 03:10hours, the perpetrator turned himself into the Mackenzie Police Station where he was told of the allegation, cautioned and admitted of having inflicted the injuries on both victims.

He was then arrested and placed into custody pending further investigation.